Sunday, December 23, 2007

Anna and Colin corner....

Was thinking this morning how blessed we are to have 2 children - and how different yet similar they are.... Anna continually reminds us that Colin is not the norm, and we need not treat her the same way.

Ways Anna is different than Colin
  • Colin was sensitive to milk protein, Anna is not - Yo Baby rocks!!!!
  • Anna likes to taste her food with her tongue before eating, Colin would open his mouth as wide as possible on the first bite.
  • Anna can sit with toys around her and entertain herself - Colin needed others to keep him entertained.
  • Colin has the biggest laugh and laughs often (sometimes at nothing); with Anna you have to work a little harder for a laugh.
  • Anna has hair at the ripe old age of 6 months!

Ways we are similar

  • We both love music
  • Our favourite toy is the ball popper
  • Furbulls are soooo funny - especially from daddy and his facial hair.
  • We both look like MOMMY!!!!!

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