Friday, December 21, 2007

A New Tradition

With the holidays starting, we have been talking about traditions. For me, it is all about fun memories and doing things as a family. Deric has a different opinion and is more in favour of happy times.

So take last night - temperatures were finally above freezing and I really wanted to bring Colin to Holidazzle knowing that he would love the parade and all the lights. But Anna wasn't feeling the greatest and Colin did not have the best nap - Deric did not want to go, but I did. So, what happens - I pack up Colin and start heading downtown.

We get there without too much trouble, but then the waiting begins..... Colin starts crying because I won't let him run up and down the streets, and I am ignoring him which makes him even more mad. A nice mom eventually lets us sit on her blanket (pity....), and Colin continues to cry. Then the parade starts and he was sooooo excited. Every float was a train to him and he loved all the music and expecially the drums.

The funniest part was when it was over - I said "All Done", and Colin said "No - more". So the traditions have started and hopefully the memory will be positive for all involved next year!

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