Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A drop out already?

The big decision of the week - should we withdraw Colin out of Tumbling?

During week 1 - Colin loved the activities but did not like the structure. He hated it when he had to wait in line and listen to the teacher. I had to take him kicking and screaming out of the room several times. To make me feel even worse, he was the only one in the class that was like this. The teacher asked if he was an "at home kid" and when I told her he was, the conclusion was "that must be it - he is not used to structure".

So week 2 rolls around and I was travelling and Deric did not want to have a babysitter for Anna two nights in a row. Week 3 was this week and Colin was not feeling well so we did not go.

Am I sending a bad message???? Part of me wants to plow through this structure thing, but also wonder if waiting until the next term would be better (starts in mid March). Hmmmm...

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