Thursday, January 3, 2008

Goal Setting

One thing that I have learned from work - when setting goals, sharing them with others to show commitment. So here are a few of my goals for this year - and throughout the year I compare notes and see how I am doing...

  • Lose my baby tummy - yes the weight is gone, but a bulge still exists. To do this, I aim to work out 3+ times a week (beating my current 2)
  • Personal Training - to step up my work outs, I want to incorporate some additional weights and variety. Thinking this will give me the motivation (and a different perspective)
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables!
  • Get a promotion at work - I know this is somewhat out of my control. But since last year was focused on Colin and Anna, I think this would be the time to focus a little more on work and achieve the next level...
  • Visit the zoo and the children's museum both and hopefully more than once - something I want to do more often with Colin to expand his experiences. This is where Deric and I differ (so he will be my barrier....).

So let's see how I do....

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