Monday, January 7, 2008

My Fair Weather Child

I have had an inkling lately that Colin was a fair weather child the past couple of weeks - that was CONFIRMED yesterday!!!!

Over the past couple of weeks I would bundle Colin up to go and play outside. He doesn't mind too much - will walk around a little, and plays some in the snow. However, he doesn't laugh like normal and just looks at me like "what are we doing out here". He also does not like it when his feet disappear nor will he let go of my hand while walking!

So, yesterday it was 45 degrees outside and wonderfully refreshing. Colin steps out the door to say bye to someone and instantly runs back inside yelling "Out, Out"! So Colin and I put our shoes and coats on and went for our walk - only now, he ran down the sidewalk shouting with glee! He was also going up to our neighbours house to see if people would come out to see him and would say hi to every person and dog we saw along our trip. Let's just say, he had a lot of fun and did not want it to end.

I think Colin will not be impressed when it starts to get colder again later this week..... Tough life living in Minnesota!

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