Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Princess Bean is 9 months!!!!

My little princess is growing fast and is already 9 months old!!!
Here are a few of her milestones
  • Slept through the night at 6 weeks of age - and this meant 6 am for her versus the 5 am we set for her brother
  • Adjusted to life with a brother - you have to be much quicker with him around. She has learned to quickly grab for the things she wants and try to take things back from Colin once he has claimed them. The rivalry has begun....
  • Began sitting up at 51/2 months
  • Said dada very early on, but not mama until she was almost 7 months - is this a trend since Colin said mama first...
  • Began eating solid food at 5 months - loves her fruits!
  • Has been thinking about crawling - will go backwards and usually end up under a couch, or just scoot on her butt.
  • Ate her first solid vegetable - celery stick last week!
Just so we remember - here is my Princess on April 3!

And here she is today! Oh my have we grown....

Happy Birthday Anna Christine!!!! I love you lots and lots, Mommy

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