Monday, February 4, 2008

Cool Baby Clothes

With a new season just around the corner (I definitely hope so), I am again looking for new fun stuff to dress the kids. I am partial to kids not having too many clothing - just stuff that they wear and wear again. I would rather do an extra load of laundry a week than buy more clothes - call me crazy....

Over lunch today, my firend Kari and I were talking about cool baby shirts we have seen that we want for the babies - she liked the AB/CD shirt and I am partial to the Grandparents rule one ... Both are available at pollytod. This will be one of those well worn shirts!

Plus for all us bloggers - there are giving one away for free. I am always game for a bargain!

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kim and pete said...

Hi Margaret! LOVE your blog site! I'll be sure to check it regularly!

Regarding the clothes...I too like having less clothes but have them be better quality. My boys seem to wear the same things over and over again anyways. I feel badly when my mom buys them lots of cheap quality clothes when I'd prefer less quantity but 'cooler' looking stuff. I don't want to hurt their feelings or look like a snob but the boys already have way too many selections as it is. Oh well, there could be worse things to worry about!!

Hope you have fun with this site! Talk to you soon. Kim