Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Minesota Weather

We experienced Minnesota winters at its finest this weekend! We decided to head north to the lake, but did not realize that temperatures were expected to be much colder there. So - what did we experience????
Saturday morning 21F
Saturday noon 7F
Saturday bedtime -10F
Sunday morning -22F!!!!!!

And these temperatures did not include the windchill - radio said that Sunday morning it was -41F with the windchill!!!

Here are a things we did for our weekend INSIDE!!!!

Laugh at Everyone around me.

Let Daddy do my hair - Anna's hair always seems to stick up, but with no gel or anything, he was able to make her hair do this!

Sleep very soundly - 2 hour nap day!!!

Create a sensory bowl of rice and lentils - Colin had a blast with this, and surprisingly did not get too much on the floor (but the vacuum was also added entertainment).

Even with the cold, I would say it was a great weekend (until Daddy and I came up with Food poisoning...)

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