Thursday, March 27, 2008

Half Birthday Celebration


You are 2 1/2 today!! I can't believe how fast you have grown - you have been with us so long, but it also reminds me how little you really are.

You are a very energetic boy. When you do something, you do it with your whole heart. You jump for joy and are not afraid to express your enthusiasm for life.

Your laugh is passionate. When you laugh, you make everyone around you laugh. People comment on your laugh all the time - when you are jumping in the bouncer at Edinborough Park, or just walking down the street. You laugh with life, love and enthusiasm!

About a year ago, you welcomed Anna to the world. I was so impressed by the way you adjusted. You would walk over to her every time she made a noise, and were so gentle. Over the year, you have become Anna's favourite person. You can make her laugh like no one else can- and that is music to my ears! You are such a good big brother!

Over the past couple of months, you are talking more and more which impresses me to no end. However, it is your physical abilities that impress me the most. I am amazed at how you can kick a soccer ball, shoot a basket and now, ride a tricycle. I have so much fun outside with you playing - can't wait until spring has really arrived!!

Now that you are in your big boy bed, when I put to to bed each night, you always ask me to lie down with you. I usually reply with an "of course", since I know that one day you will be a big big boy and not want to cuddle with me. I have to soak it all up now while I can!

Words cannot express how much you have brought to my life - I adore you!

Love mommy!

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