Thursday, April 3, 2008

One Year Old!!!

Dearest Anna,

You are one year old today! It is hard to believe that it was a year ago that I went to the hospital at 5:30 in the morning for your scheduled c-section. You were so patient and waited until your due date arrived - my doctor would have much preferred you to arrive the week prior, but I wanted an April baby! Thank you dear....

And what a year it has been! You continually remind us that each child is different - different from Colin and so much of an individual you are! You are a wonderful sleeper waking up each morning between 6:30 and 7 am and are happy from the moment you wake. You welcome everyone you meet with a big "Hi" and smile. And they too love it - and comment on your blue eyes.

Things you love the most - eating with your fingers, listening to music (especially Little Einstein music), and playing peek a boo. But I would have to say that your favourite is Colin - you love it when he pays attention to you, you chase him around the house, and watch everything he does.

I have to admit that the day before you were born, I cried because I was unsure if I could love you as much as Colin. Friends told me that I could and would, but I still was not certain. I felt guilty that you would have to compete with Colin for attention and was worried that he would would require even more attention from me making me choose between you and him.

But the friends were right - even though Colin still gets more cuddles than you (more because you don't want them as much), I don't have to choose between you. It seemed like both you and Colin knew that my time needed to be shared and understood who needed it most (my, aren't you smart). I knew right after you arrived that I could love you just the same and would cherish all our days together! Plus, I think you are better off because of your brother - not many kids are entertained from the day they are born - bathtime, play time, meal time is much more fun with big brother around!

You continually make us laugh - you like to put things on your head (food especially), and play peek a boo with books. You love it when we read to you - your favourite book is your pet book. My favourite Anna story right now is from the other week when Lela and Molly (twins 5 months younger than you) were over to play. You would grab a toy and bring it to them; then bring another one. You would laugh when they played with your toys and were so gentle. So sweet!

Happy Birthday my little one. I love you lots, and am so proud to be your momma!

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