Thursday, April 17, 2008

What are we up to?

This week

Colin loves - continues to play outdoors, and really does not want to come in at night. We have to bribe him with milk (or chocolate soy milk)! At the moment he loves the outdoors so much, he does not want to go to bed at night and is waking up even earlier (6 am instead of 6:30 or later). Let's just say he is a little tired....

Anna loves - is enjoying her freedom as she moves around the table - she has mastered the corners in the last week. She loves to explore the outside too - playing in the dirt, picking up every branch and leaf she can find. I can't wait until she starts walking to minimize the stains on her pants!

Momma loves - running outside (it has been a long winter), and the fact that Colin and Anna both like the jog stroller; a quiet week at work with minimal meetings!

Words in the house - Colin's favourite words right now - "mommy", my reply "yes sweetie", that is all. I think he just wants to know I am listening.

Food loves - Anna is loving everything - even things she would gag on before (sweet potato). Colin's favourites are still Strawberries and Cream Oatmeal, Pasta with Vodka Sauce. For me, I really, really enjoyed the steak dinner we had on Sunday night - yum, yum, good

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