Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Quirks of my Kids....

Okay, I have finally admitted that my kids have quirks - here are a few...

My Princess...
  • When eating ice cream - will alternate between dinner and ice cream. One day it was asparagus and beef mixed bite for bite with her ice cream
  • Loves to have a shoe string hanging around her neck. Best finds around the house are shoe strings or ribbons which she will immediately put around her neck and wear for the day. Also, this string will entertain her for hours.
  • Will fall asleep in a moments notice. We will be driving in the car and she will be talking away having a great old time, and the next moment (literally a second later) she will be asleep!
  • Favourite veggies - asparagus!

Mister C

  • Wants to wear his shoes on the wrong feet! Apparently, this is more comfortable.
  • Calls all brown small animals bunnies. We go around the neigbourhood and calls out to the bunnies (or squirrels), and will then say good bye to them when we are past.
  • Prefers to watch TV on his head - well maybe not all the time - but he does often climb on the couch and squirm until he is almost upside down. There is no such thing as sitting and watching in our house!

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