Friday, September 12, 2008

The nerve...

Just had to pass on the story of our evening grocery shopping trip

The scene - I picked up Little C and Bean from Day Care (which is odd in itself since they are stay at home kids), and headed to Lund's, our neighbourhood grocery store. Kids are both very tired and a little cranky. But I needed to pick up Daddy's "surprise" birthday cake since it was the only night we could celebrate.

What happened - I collected our cake from the bakery and Little C wanted to carry it. I said no since I didn't want it dropped on the floor. So next we went to the freezer section to get some ice cream, while Little C whinned at my heals. Bean was running in the aisles, happy to be free and gleeing with joy.

The Aftermath - An older lady in the aisle turns around and yells at me "Why don't you just leave now with your children. They are way too noisy for this store and have no right to be here"!!!

Can you believe that!!!! All I could do was stand there and look bug eyed at her. Yes my kids were a little loud, but really......

A friend came up with a response that I wish I would have been smart enough to say "The last time I left them in the car while shopping, I got in trouble from the police"!

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