Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What are we up to?

Fall is approaching and lots of activity going on. Colin and Anna still love to play outside - and they are playing more and more together

Little C loves - over the past couple of days, we have been colouring with sidewalk chalk. We draw roads and people and he loves to drive the car and pretend that he is a car. Favourite foods are still spinach ravioli and pancakes (he loves to dip them in syrup). Favourite book is Brown Bear Brown Bear

Princess Bean loves - loves to chase her brother and tickle him (although he doesn't always want to be touched). Bean is talking more and more, saying "thank you", "all done" "please", "bunny", and counting 1,2,3! Favourite foods are pancakes, cheese, pasta, and yogurt.

Mommy loves - being home once again, although getting over the jet lag is getting old! I do miss Paris though - what a beautiful city!!! Am reading a new book "Boleyn Inheritance", but being so tired at night is making it hard..... My favourite love of the week - went home for lunch on Monday, bean was in bed and Colin and I played outside (colouring and playing ball) for about an hour - what an indulgence!

Daddy loves - Back on his diet, he has given up coffee and cheese! But that brings in Green Tea in many flavours!!!! Birthday weekend is coming up so we shall see what celebrations are coming up....

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