Friday, October 24, 2008

I am what I am...

Last year for Halloween, Little C decided that a costume was not cool. He screamed whenever I brought his pumpkin outfit over to him. For his Halloween party at ECFE and finally on Halloween night, he refused to wear his costume! He decided he was going as himself!

Fast forward one year.... I started asking Little C what he wanted to be for Halloween. One day in Costco, I saw the costumes and started to show them to him. "Would you like to be a cow?", "no, no cow"; how about a horse "no, no horse". This continued for every costume I showed him.

A few days later (in the peak of his Thomas the train love), I asked if he wanted to be Thomas "Yes, I be Thomas". I am thinking - all right, I will have a child in a costume this year. So off to Target we went - Little C, found the costume, and carried it all the way home - excited as can be. Bliss for all.... or so I thought.

Last weekend was Zoo Boo - we took the kids; Bean in her Pumpkin outfit, and a Thomas the train for Little C. However, when we arrived - Little C announced that he is not Thomas!

I am what I am.... Smart little boy.

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