Wednesday, October 8, 2008

To my little boy 3

You are 3!!! It is hard to believe that 3 years ago you entered our world and changed it forever (for the better of course).

You are full of life and laughter. There is never a day when you are not laughing hysterically and making me laugh too. I love your energy and zest for life. You make me appreciate the small things - the other day we were going to the car and you saw the moon and wanted a better view. You notice the yellow leaves, the boats on the water and the bugs on the ground! The world is a funner place with you.

This has been a busy year for you..

First, we remodelled the house and you got a new room. You are now on the second floor with all the rest of us and are sleeping in a big boy bed. Shortly after you moved upstairs, you started climbing out of your crib, so we knew it was time. For the first couple of nights you would climb out of bed and come looking for us - and we would take you back to bed and often fall asleep with you. Now, you ask me everynight to lay down with you and cuddle with you for a "few minutes". I rarely say no and we talk about things you did that day and what tomorrow holds. Last night when I ask you about the day you said "we had fun mommy. Daddy was funny".

You have also become quite the responsible big brother. Now that your sister is walking, you keep charge of her and make sure she doesn't go where she is not supposed to. When you stop her from walking to the road, I sometimes answer"thank you Mr Policeman"!

You play with your sister all day long - I sometime wonder what you would do without her! I think your favourite game is to climb in her crib and play Bunny! We build a fort, and the two of you jump around with froggie and bunny and make up new games. Bean loves this too - you make her laugh like no one else! You two also love to tackle each other and roll on the ground.

Preschool also started for you. You love it so much! The other week you were the leader of the class - the teacher said you were a natural leader and liked to be in charge. The only bad part was that the leader got to bring in a favourite toy from home. You brought your Thomas the Train book and toy. Oh how you love Thomas!!!!

I look forward to each new day with you and wonder what you will start to do next. You are a pro at kicking a soccer ball and shooting hoops! You ride your tricyle to the grocery store, and love to meet new friends at the park.

I love you Little C!

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Aw, so sweet. Big brothers are precious, too! My youngest son just turned 3 and it just gets better!