Thursday, December 18, 2008

Toddler words

Little C and Princess Bean are talking more and more - and keep us impressed and laughing most days!

Little C
- Last night serving dinner - "No mommy, no touch, that is hot". "Mommy be careful with that" Thanks for the concern little man.....
- Other week walking down the road - "Mommy you need to be on the side of the road. Over here..."
- Favourite saying - "Not yet" (in response to bed time, meal time, bath time)

Princess Bean
- In the car trying to keep her from falling asleep - "stop that!"
- At dinner time will chant "dinner time, dinner time" and run to her chair
- Handed Deric something and said "There you go" - Impressive!!!

Embarrassing Mommy moment
- At work reading an email from a friend about being a mom. my phone rang and instead of answering, Hello this is Margaret, answered saying "Hello this is mom".... Good thing I knew the person calling and could recoup! But how embarrassing.

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JoAnne said...

Hello this is mom...what a riot! Bet you and the one on the phone got a good laugh out of that. :)