Saturday, March 14, 2009


A few weeks ago, Little C found his big boy underwear and could not wait to put them on! He loved to look at Thomas and wear them around the house. He has done exceptionally well with this new responsibility. We had a few accidents the first few days - but in the last week he has been COMPLETELY DRY - even during naps and overnight. We are so proud of you little C!!!!

Here is Little C showing off his new pants!
Of course, it is not fun if Anna is not involved too..... Little C kept saying that Anna needed to wear Thomas pants too - so cute.... We put them over her diaper and she was pretty proud too (although they were hanging down to her knees).

Within a week, Colin had filled his chart with stickers!!! So quickly.....And the reward.... Thomas of course (actually Gordon since he already has 2 Thomas')

Good work little man.....

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