Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!! We had a great weekend - spent up at the lake where I was amazed to see that the lake was still frozen and snow still on the ground... Sorry, we forgot the camera.....

Kids had a blast painting eggs and getting ready for the Easter Bunny. In the morning, it did not take long to find an egg close to the TV - then the searching began.

My surprise - guess who the star egg finder was?????? The Princess Bean!!!!! Both were running around the house looking, but it was Bean that was able to see the egg on the ledge high or low.

Funny story - when we came back to town, our neighbours had a small tree decorated which we had to check out. It ended up, the decoration was nothing more than peeps attached to the branches. Both Bean and Little C were amazed, and soon were trying to eat the peeps off the tree! When Little C was going to bed he mentioned that he had a great Easter. I asked what his favourite part was - of course the peeps in the tree.... I guess next year I don't have to go all out colouring eggs, finding candy and having non-candy baskets for them..... Too funny.

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