Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I rule the world....

So baby decided that a June 8th birthday would be much better than the one I chose for her (June 12th)! I think she is telling me that she will rule the house, no matter what I think.

Life with 3 kids is going well so far. Here is a synopsis of how the kids reacted...

Little C - jumped for joy when he saw his little sister for the first time. immediately gave her a hug and big kiss! At home, daddy says he asks about little sister often and when they will be able to visit mommy and sister again. By visit #3, holding baby was less of an interest and just wants to read the books that little sister gave him and play with a few other Thomas toys that are at the hospital.
Princess Bean - When we brought the baby to her, she said "No, No", backed away as far as she could and started to cry. I cuddled her for a long time and she eventually started to look for her little sister. By the end of the visit, she had moved over to little sister and started to touch her. By visit #3 she comes into the room with an Awwwww and asks to see baby and wants to touch her and mimic her sounds. I think it will be a slower reaction
I will be heading home of Friday!

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Bjorna said...

YEAH!! Congrats!