Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An average girl

The 2 month update

While travelling the past couple of weeks, we were amazed to see that Miss O has grown so much. It seemed like overnight she grew, matured and changed. It is amazing to see how fast she has grown out of infancy - I don't remember it going so fast....
She is a very alert and content girl! She loves to look around, smile and coo.
Also last week, she had her 2 month well check. All her measurements were at the 50% - even her headsize!
Weight - 10 lbs 13 oz
Length - 22.5 in
Headsize - 15 in
Shots did not go over well - she fainted in my arms after holding her breath! Then she was not herself for 2 days - always wanting to be held and rocked and loved. Poor girl - this experience is really making me question why we give shots....

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