Sunday, August 2, 2009

Road Trippin'

Last Friday, we departed Minnesota for the big trek (16 hours) to Canada!

All week Little C was asking if he could see Grandma - the one that flies in the airplane. We kept saying on Friday we were off in the car. He was so excited when Friday finally arrived and we were in the car.

The car ride went as well as can be expected with 3 kids under 4! Princess Bean and Miss O slept fairly well in the car and Little C had the occasional doze. The funnest part for me was making up stories. The best one - we were driving the Little C airplane car which was blue and red. On the airplane car, we could swim run and play in the playground! There was to be no sleeping on the airplane car and we could only eat macaroni and chocolate!

Here is a pic of a quiet moment with all 3 kids sleeping!

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