Monday, September 28, 2009

4 Years Old!!!!

Happy Birthday Little C!

It is hard for me to believe that you are 4! It doesn't seem that long ago when I was sitting at our dining room table with daddy and Auntie Chrissy and my water broke. We were so excited that we were going to meet you that night!

When I first saw you, I was overjoyed. I cried. I held you. I kissed you. I didn't want to let you go - EVER! And now you are 4!

You are a VERY energetic boy who loves trains. You ask to go to the train store A LOT. This week we went to Choo Choo Bob's. I love bringing you since you are ear to ear smiles and laughs. You run around the store and check everything out. You love to watch the trains go around the tracks and guess where they are going next. I always giggle watching you since you are so happy and delighted to see the trains simply go through the mountain and come out the other side.

You also love dancing - your dance moves brings smiles to everyone. Your favourite tunes are "Move it, Move it" and "I'm a Believer". You ask for these over and over again. When the music comes on, it doesn't matter what you are doing (eating, playing train, whatever), you stop and start to dance.

Your favourite activity this summer was swimming. It has been great to see you put your mind to doing something and excelling at it. You have been taking swimming lessons for a year and have graduated 3 classes. You and your green goggles - only green. At grandma's this summer, you showed her your talents and started to swim all the way across the shallow end, go through the tubes and find grandma. It was amazing. You love it.

Then there is your bike. This year is your first one on a 2 wheeler. Once you mastered braking, it has become your main mode of transportation.

This year, your taste palette expanded. Your favourites are still Spinach Raviolis, macaroni, pork tenderloin (with mustard), pancakes and oatmeal. Your taste buds are mild and you do not like foods that are hard - no apples or carrots. If offered, you will choose pureed peas over the real thing!

This summer has been very special for us since I have been home. Most afternoons we would go on an outing - just the 2 of us. Sometimes it was fun things for you (park, bike rides, library), other times you joined me on errands. You LOVE to come to Target and the grocery store.

You are becoming quite the companion and helper. Many times we will go on a run together and you talk the whole way. You ask questions along the way and make lots of observations. You also remind me to stop at the stop signs and watch out for the cars! I will miss you lots when I return to work.

Four years ago, you completed me. You made us a family. Thank you!

I love you lots and lots. Happy Birthday

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