Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The fun of motherhood - over the past couple of months, I have...

Said the craziest things about going to the potty -

  • Little C, let's go wipe your bum, it will be fun
  • Let's just sit here a little longer and read some books, maybe something will happen"
  • Please don't pee on the road, pee on the tree.

Heard funny replies to my questions -

  • Little C, did you have fun at school? Yeah, I cried.
  • Bean, where are your shoes? On my head....
  • Little C, please wash your hands. OOOOO KKKKKK!!!!! (said with the added sarcasm that only a toddler can add)

Heard funny conversations between Little C and Bean

  • Can you help me take my dress off? Okay, let's play in the sprinkler.
  • Bean, why you wearing your pants on your head? They don't go there....
  • Bean, we want to watch Dora, right? Of course we do.

It has been a great summer, and I will miss hearing all the words, laughter (and screaming) all day long. A quiet hour will no longer be the same.

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