Friday, October 2, 2009


October 1st brought some changes for our family.

First it was the change in seasons - fall is offically here. Coats have been pulled out, we are wearing pants every day (Little C keeps telling me they are too big and needs to wear his smaller pants - shorts). Summer is gone - we are sad....

I am also back to work full time..... I have been torn over the past few weeks in knowing that I was returning to work and that I love my job and what I do, but I also love my kids. I am truly blessed that I work in an environment that is flexible and family focused, but I also wish I could spend more time with my growing kids.

My biggest hurdle in coming back to work is how I might carve time out with each one of the kids. They need time alone with me, but with only 2 hours between work and bedtime- it is HARD. Over the next couple of weeks, I hope we can get into a routine that I can spend time with each of them.

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