Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What are we up to?

It has been a while

Little C - is adjusting to the school schedule. After a rough start of not wanting to go to school, he now loves it.
A conversation a few weeks ago:
(Me) How was school today?
(C) It was fun. I cried. It was fun.
Still loves Thomas the Train - anything Thomas, he loves. He now requests his Thomas PJs, reads his Thomas books at night, and loves to play his Thomas game on the computer.
His memory amazes me - when talking about Halloween he remembered that he was dressed as Thomas and Bean was a pumpkin!

Princess Bean - is a girly girl. She loves her dresses, and the frillier the better. Her favourite dress right now is a fairy dress from our neighbour. If she could, she would only wear this dress. She is also very determined and will only do certain things if she is in the mood. Daddy and I have become very creative on how to motivate her to do the things we want (ask her to go potty instead of just changing her diaper). She still loves a variety of foods and will try just about anything. She is also adjusting well to school - she sometimes does not want to leave us, but is always happy when picked up. Her favourite activities are playing in the gym (bicycles) and singing songs.

Angel Girl - is starting to babble more and more. And is she LOUD! She is definitely competing with her siblings on this one! She is starting to roll over and moves on her back. She still is not a great sleeper, but is much better than a month ago! I just love her big smile and the way she nuzzles her face into my neck when I pick her up when I get home from work!

Mommy - is adjusting to life as a working mom. Still working shorter days which I am grateful for. I am reading "Nineteen Minutes" by Jodi Picoult and enjoying it. I am also starting to run more and am about to sign up for my first 1/2 marathon - anyone want to join me?

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