Friday, February 5, 2010

Food tastes

I believe in real foods. I strive to have no High Fructose Corn Syrup in the house, no trans fat, and foods that are minimally processed. If we have processed foods, I try to get organic. I am also trying to buy more organic produce (when the price tag does not make me faint).

We always have REAL Maple Syrup in the house. Every weekend, we pour it on our pancakes (made from scratch, of course) and love it.

Until this weekend... we ran out of Maple Syrup and someone had left some Log Cabin artificial syrup in our fridge. I poured this on the kids pancakes and wondered if they would notice a difference. No one said anything.

This morning, Princess Bean was helping me make her waffles and I asked her if she wanted syrup. She replied "Yes" and went to the fridge. Then when I grabbed the Maple Syrup, so declared "No mommy, not that one. This is the syrup". She pointed at the Log Cabin!

Oh my.... so much for real in our house. Not my taste, but apparently hers.

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