Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Belated Halloween

We had an amazing Halloween!!!!

We hosted the 2nd Annual Neighbourhood Halloween Party having lots of fun painting pumpkins, decorating cookies, playing Halloween games and hanging out with friends. Then of course, we Trick or Treated our hearts out. We all went out leaving a bowl of treats on our porch and hit the neighbourhood. Little C would have gone all night long!!!! What a blast. I am loving the holidays more and more as the kids fully understand what they are!

Here is a Baby Doll approving of the leaves at our party!

Little C once again was Thomas the Train. I think he believes that you replicate holidays - I was Thomas last year, so why wouldn't I do that again this year. Pretty good logic if you ask me.... Bean was a bumble bee. A few weeks prior we were at the used clothing store and I spotted a costume that had a tutu - it was a bumble bee. I showed it to Bean and she was instantly in love. She continues to wear it weekly (although it is showing signs of wear now...). Baby Doll was the Pumpkin in the group. Daddy said her costume matched her hair...

More pics to follow of our party!

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