Monday, May 9, 2011


Better late than never......

We had a great day. C and Bean had a great time painting eggs and were very excited that the Easter Bunny would hide them. C told me that the bunny would hide them inside the house - main floor and basement only - and outside. Directions taken.
For a change, this year I choose not to pack all the eggs with candy. I only bought 2 small bags of jelly beans and put a few in the eggs. I also put coins in a lot of the eggs, which the kids happily placed in their piggy banks

Baskets this year, also did not have any candy - a few toys and even toothbrushes!!!! They loved it - especially Baby Doll who brushed her teeth for about an hour that day.

C also had the chance to head to church with mama which he enjoyed thoroughly!

Happy Easter everyone!!!!!

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