Saturday, April 24, 2010

On the move





And she is off and crawling. Angel baby starting crawling about a week ago and is now EVERYWHERE. This morning we found her exploring the tunnel - she is a very daring little girl!
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Not a good start....

Here is princess bean on the morning of her 3rd birthday. Not a good start....

It ended in happiness as her tummy felt better after a nap and was still able to enjoy her cake, ice cream and presents
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My little girl 3!

Happy Birthday to my sweet little girl!

It has been a year full of growing. You are full of spunk; always willing to play a new game, share a funny face, or just play silly. Your personality is calm and witty. When upset you look us in the eye and quietly and firmly say "No" or "Stop". You will then continue to negotiate with us.

You have a definite sense of style! You love all things girly, and the more girly it is the better. You also have a unique way of putting together your outfits. One day you will wear your bathing suit over your clothes, another day your choice will be a dress with your fancy shoes. You also love your dress up clothes and will change in and out of them several times a day.

You have also started to like to have your hair done - usually 2 pig tails and a clip to hold your bangs. Each day after I finish your hair, you need to see how "pretty" in the mirror. You will pose infront of the mirror and comment on how "pretty" and "beautiful" you look. You also love assessories - necklaces, rings, braclets, etc. And the more the better!

Your favourite things right now are butterflies and bumble bees. You will see them outside and run after them thinking you can catch them (very cute to watch). Your favourite shirt is you butterfly shirt and if you could you would wear it everyday. For your birthday you had butterfly balloons and you give them hugs and kisses!

Last summer, your Aunt Dana introduced you to tattos. Of course they were butterfly and flowers! You ask for them often and point them out to everyone. The other week you asked for your tattos to be put on the top of your feet - your bumble bee tattoo was a big hit with your friends! I just hope this love ends in your childhood....

You also started school last fall and love spending times with your teachers and friends. They comment almost daily at how happy you are at school and what "funniness" you bring to the class! One day, I meet a teacher on the road, and when she found out I was your mom, she said "she is such a hoot"!

With school your vocab and pronounication of words has greatly expanded. What amazes me are all your sounds for things! You have sounds for the birds, the seals, the butterflies, eating, drinking - pretty much everything has a word and a sound!

You love your babies (small stuffed animals & beanie babies)!!!! Everyday, you pick up one or two for the day and carry them everywhere you go. You talk to them, feed them, play with them and care for them.

This year you became a big sister. At first you were not so impressed by having another person in the house and the attention that she received. You have grown to accept and love your little sister. At dinner, you will help feed her and sometimes even help bathe her. You are very gentle with her and I know in years to come you will become friends. For right now, you accept Angel baby as long as she is not approaching your toys (or feet).

I delight in your company and find that I await the weekend time we have when Little C and daddy are out of the house. I cherish the moments that we can be silly together and cuddle with your babies.

As always, I feel honoured to be your mom. You are a beautiful little girl full of spunk and happiness. Your laughter brings me immense joy and your sadness equally breaks my heart. I hope that I can continue to challenge you and complete you. I look forward to seeing you grow and mature!

You are my little Princess and always will be! I love you lots and lots.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Little C has been accepted!!!! After a long wait and lots of wondering, our wishes and prayers have been answered.

We are excited for what this school has to offer Little C (and later Bean and Angel baby). The school reminds me a lot of the one I attended from Grade 5-13 (yes in Canada they had grade 13)! The environment I was in (I believe) helped me to become the independant, adaptable, versitile (not to mention smart) person I am today. I have high hopes for this school as well.

Congrats Little C - you worked hard on this....