Thursday, May 20, 2010

Too cute....

Wow, how much he has grown!!!! This is Little C when he was just over 2 yrs old. How much he has grown and changed!

And look at the handsome boy today

He is now a boy that...
- Very much wants to be 5 (he asks almost daily)
- Loves all his friends at school
- Has 2 little sisters that adore him (and he likes to "manage")
- Rides a bike all over town - to the park, to the grocery store, to school...
- Loves to swim - and do cannonballs!
- Talks all the time - asking questions, finding out how things works, and telling us all there is to know about the world.

You are amazing Little C - yet you are not so little anymore!
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This will be a great summer for these two! They have bonded over the winter and are best friends. I look forward to the stories of their Friday play dates this summer!
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