Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Olive lover

We often have make your own pizza night - it is a favourite in our house!

As we make the pizzas, Princess bean gets her bowl of olives which she places on her fingers and then eats. Before dinner, she will eat a whole bowl full. Last week daddy complained that there were not enough olives left for his pizza!
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Pig Tails

Anna has a new hairstyle.... She loves her pig tails! She hops around the house all day loving the way they feel going up and down. What fun!

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Monday, December 28, 2009

A snowy Christmas Day


What a joy to play outside. Living in the Frozen Tundra we are use to seeing the snow from inside with only sipets of time outside before our noses freeze. This Christmas was different. Temperatures were fairly mild giving us a chance to build snow forts, throw snow balls and sled in our street! What fun.
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A twist on the snowman

Christmas morning we were blessed with the best snowman making snow ever. Here is what our neighbours created!
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Toddler words

It has been a lot of fun with Little C this holiday season - he is getting into the holiday cheer and Santa lingo...

Last week....
Little C - Mommy I need to talk to Santa
Me - Okay, what do you need to talk about
Little C - we need to talk Marbles
Me - what do you want to tell him about Marbles
Little C - I want some!

The fun part with Little C is his passion - when he loves something, he LOVES it. There is no sense giving him something that he doesn't LOVE as he will only play with it for a few minutes (or only want it if Bean is playing with it). Last week, we went to Wonderment (a local toy store). They had a marble game set up and Little C was in LOVE. He hasn't stopped talking about the Marbles in the Marbles Store since our visit. Perhaps Santa will have heard his talk and bring him Marbles for Christmas!

Friday, December 18, 2009

A few firsts.....

Last week was our FIRST trip to the emergency room - Little C woke up unable to breathe and was diagnosed with Croup. He has fully recovered

Also last week was the FIRST time I fell asleep with Little C - In the past, I would cuddle with him for a little bit, but never stayed long enough for him or I too fall asleep. Since he was sick, I stayed a little longer and then happened to wake up a few hours later....

Over the weekend, we had our FIRST successful photo shoot where all kids cooperated and smiled for the camera! We have some great photos!

Angel Baby ate her FIRST full jar of baby food. She has been eating some pears and apples, but really had not been that interested. Last night at dinner, she could not get enough of her sweet potatoes.

Princess Bean has her FIRST favourite outfit. For Christmas (a little early), she got a beautiful red dress. She adores it! She would wear it everyday, if she could. For the past few days, when I get home from work, she looks at me and says "I want my pretty dress" "Mommy, come, my pretty dress, upstairs".

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Little C and Princess Bean had their FIRST Christmas Concert this week.

What a great show!

Bean was not quite sure what was happening and why all the people were there. Her class climbed up on stage, a few classmates broke into tears, and others just stared out at the audience. Her teachers started singing and doing there motions.... and the class just kept on staring and crying! Bean finally started to say a few things, but mainly stared and wondered what the heck was going on.

Little C, on the other hand, was a great PERFORMER! He proudly climbed up on stage, sang his songs with pride and followed along with all the motions. His class (along with the other pre-K class) put on a little skit of the Christmas Story. I sat in the audience almost in tears while watching my little boy!

At the end of the show, everyone joined in to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and have cookies - this was the highlight for Bean. As we left, she kept repeating "Happy Birthday Jesus"! Too cute

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas

6 months

Angel Baby is 6 months old (already...).

Here are the stats:
Weight - 15 lbs 5 oz (25-50 percentile)
Length - 24.75 (10-25 percentile)

Some other interesting facts:
- she has TWO teeth - both emerged over the past week!
- she is starting to eat solids (pears and rice cereal so far)-
- she is napping much better (yeah) and still waking up one time during the night to eat.
- favourite toys are her jumper-roo and rattles.
- loves other people. She will give everyone a smile and grin (and if you are lucky, a big cuddle)

It is amazing to see her personality come alive!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Little Minnesota Girl

Angel Baby is sitting....


Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

A visit to Santa, Elf arriving, playing in snow, being good and much much more!

It is amazing to see how much Little C is into the Christmas season.

Wishing upon a star

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What I love

I think all 3 of my kids are at great ages.

Little C - I love the way he negotiates. If you say he has 2 more minutes, he replies "how about 5 more minutes'. If you ask him to have 5 more bites, he will say how about 2 more bites. Other times, he is not such a good negotiator - Little C, you can have 5 more minutes of play and he replies, Mom I want 2 more minutes.... Too funny

Bean - she LOVES to dress up and play drama. Last weekend, she HAD to have her shoes that click clack on the floor. She needed to wear a dress and have her hair "pretty". All day she twirled in her dress, and made extra noises with her shoes.

Angel Baby - I love the smile on her face when you enter the room and when you pick her up she gives her special hug - usually a big smile, a little giggle and her face snuggling into my neck. All I want to do is gobble her up with more hugs. This makes my day!

I love you my babies....