Sunday, February 21, 2010

In awe

I love the way Angel baby adores her older brother and sister. She is captivated by them.
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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Belated Valentines to all!!!

We had a great day. I have to admit that I was never a big fan of Valentine's Day - yet as a family celebration, I think it is so much fun!

The kids all dressed in red!

They were so adorable wanting to pose together! Of course, there were a few treats as well. My favourite were the message hearts. Little C would take one and "read his" - "I love mommy", "I like Angel baby", "Little C is cute". It was adorable!

Princess Bean seemed to find a way to consume all her treats that day while Little C saved his for later. Angel baby was eyeing them as well - just wait until next year. We also celebrated with our 2nd Annual Red and White dinner. We had penne with meatballs and red sauce, red veggies, pink milk and of course kirs!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It has been great these past few days sharing the Canadian Olympic experience with Little C and Bean. Especially since I can use the experience to teach them some of their roots - they are Canadian and their cousins live just north of Vancouver!

Each night after bath we watch some of the activities. So far, Little C's favourites are the luge and skiing. He is asking to go skiing this weekend (which we will - stay tuned for pictures). The Luge is a little harder - I am trying to convince him that it is like a waterslide, but he sees the ice and says "kind of, I still want to do the luge on the ice". hmmmm....

Bean loves the figure skating. As soon as she sees them on the ice, she starts dancing as well. It is fun to watch her imitate their moves and sing to the music. She is becoming quite the talented little artist. The cutest part is that she wants a partner to dance with her. Sometimes it is daddy, other times me, but the cutest is when she wants to dance with Little C.

Go Canada!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Food tastes

I believe in real foods. I strive to have no High Fructose Corn Syrup in the house, no trans fat, and foods that are minimally processed. If we have processed foods, I try to get organic. I am also trying to buy more organic produce (when the price tag does not make me faint).

We always have REAL Maple Syrup in the house. Every weekend, we pour it on our pancakes (made from scratch, of course) and love it.

Until this weekend... we ran out of Maple Syrup and someone had left some Log Cabin artificial syrup in our fridge. I poured this on the kids pancakes and wondered if they would notice a difference. No one said anything.

This morning, Princess Bean was helping me make her waffles and I asked her if she wanted syrup. She replied "Yes" and went to the fridge. Then when I grabbed the Maple Syrup, so declared "No mommy, not that one. This is the syrup". She pointed at the Log Cabin!

Oh my.... so much for real in our house. Not my taste, but apparently hers.