Friday, May 27, 2011

Class of 2024

Little C and his class - they had a field trip to the scultpure garden

I think I am going to miss his pre-K class. So many wonderful things! Learning about the wolf, playing 20-questions, I wonder circles, lots of field trips, etc.

That said - Little C is VERY excited about Kindergarten. He talks about it ALOT and is excited that he gets to stay for the whole day and even take the bus.

Oh no, my baby is growing up.....
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Monday, May 23, 2011



That's my girl!!!!!
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Happy Mother's Day

One of my gifts for mother's day! Love it....

I do find it kinda humerous that I am everything except funny.... Also, I guess I play a lot of games. But at least I am good at it!
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Monday, May 9, 2011


Better late than never......

We had a great day. C and Bean had a great time painting eggs and were very excited that the Easter Bunny would hide them. C told me that the bunny would hide them inside the house - main floor and basement only - and outside. Directions taken.
For a change, this year I choose not to pack all the eggs with candy. I only bought 2 small bags of jelly beans and put a few in the eggs. I also put coins in a lot of the eggs, which the kids happily placed in their piggy banks

Baskets this year, also did not have any candy - a few toys and even toothbrushes!!!! They loved it - especially Baby Doll who brushed her teeth for about an hour that day.

C also had the chance to head to church with mama which he enjoyed thoroughly!

Happy Easter everyone!!!!!

Missing in action

Lots going on; lots of posts needed; unfortunately not a lot of time (or at least that is my excuse.

I do promise the following
- Bean's b-day photos
- Bean's b-day note
- Easter pictures
- mother's day pictures

All in due time......