Thursday, November 10, 2011


Six! I can't believe it. Six years ago you, Little C changed my life - all for the better! Did you know that 6 is the very number that I wore on all my sports jerseys - probably since I was 6 years old. It was my lucky number..... I hope this year also brings you great things.

Over the past year you have grown by leaps and bounds. You have started kindergarten and love going to school full days. On the first day of school this year you asked me if I could sign the letter to allow you to stay for the afternoon - you love school that much!!!! I love it too - seeing your passion to learn is so inspiring!!!!

You have also excelled in your swimming! This summer we spent a lot of time swimming - at the aquatic center, at Grandma's house, at the lake. You love it and your biggest accomplishment was the zip line which you did independently at the aquatic center. You are already looking forward to the body slide next year when you are tall enough to ride alone.

Your friends are many! Every day you eat lunch with Sanaa, Maya and Felix. You also tell many stories of the silliness that you and Grayson come up with at school. It amazes me how quickly you make and welcome new friends.

Your sisters adore you (for the most part)! Baby Doll O likes to follow you around and mimic you. Because of this, you can often get her to do things for you - like helping you clean up your room, or bringing your clothes to your room. You and Bean are also good friends and play extremely well for each other. It makes me smile every time you "stand up" for her and support her!

One of the things that cracks me up about you is your consistency with food. Right now you will eat waffles every morning for breakfast, and PB&J sandwiches for lunch with a cheese stick! There is usually no reason for me to ask what you want to have as the answer is always the same!

Some of your favourites
Sports - tennis, soccer, baseball, basketball,
Outside activities - swimming, riding your bike
Inside activities - computer (Disney, PBS, nick jr) and Wii (Mario & Sonic Winter Olympics)
Food - broccoli, pizza, waffles
Colour - Pink (yes you are influenced by your sisters and I)

For your birthday, you asked me to join you for lunch and I was happy to oblige. We walked hand in hand to the lunch room, and your smile was beaming! I was so proud of you as you let me sit beside me joining your circle of friends. You helped me get my food and then you got me my water and even cleaned up my tray! It was great to share part of your day and made me think of how much you have grown up!

I love you tons little C. Happy Birthday!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Class of 2024

Little C and his class - they had a field trip to the scultpure garden

I think I am going to miss his pre-K class. So many wonderful things! Learning about the wolf, playing 20-questions, I wonder circles, lots of field trips, etc.

That said - Little C is VERY excited about Kindergarten. He talks about it ALOT and is excited that he gets to stay for the whole day and even take the bus.

Oh no, my baby is growing up.....
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Monday, May 23, 2011



That's my girl!!!!!
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Happy Mother's Day

One of my gifts for mother's day! Love it....

I do find it kinda humerous that I am everything except funny.... Also, I guess I play a lot of games. But at least I am good at it!
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Monday, May 9, 2011


Better late than never......

We had a great day. C and Bean had a great time painting eggs and were very excited that the Easter Bunny would hide them. C told me that the bunny would hide them inside the house - main floor and basement only - and outside. Directions taken.
For a change, this year I choose not to pack all the eggs with candy. I only bought 2 small bags of jelly beans and put a few in the eggs. I also put coins in a lot of the eggs, which the kids happily placed in their piggy banks

Baskets this year, also did not have any candy - a few toys and even toothbrushes!!!! They loved it - especially Baby Doll who brushed her teeth for about an hour that day.

C also had the chance to head to church with mama which he enjoyed thoroughly!

Happy Easter everyone!!!!!

Missing in action

Lots going on; lots of posts needed; unfortunately not a lot of time (or at least that is my excuse.

I do promise the following
- Bean's b-day photos
- Bean's b-day note
- Easter pictures
- mother's day pictures

All in due time......

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Rock....

These are the days we all hope for as a mom....

On Sunday, I made dinner (I know, surprising since Deric does all the cooking in our house. But he was out of town). I made grilled chicken breasts, brocolli and served it with orange slices. Nothing fancy and nothing the kids usually rock about but it was something that I wanted.

When I called the kids over to get there plates and head to the dinner table. Little C picks up his plate, looks at the food and says "Looks Yummy mommy. I love this"!!!! I rock at dinner....

I also have to point out, that typically he looks at the plate and says "this is not what I wanted" or "I don't like this". Not sure if the orange slices changed his opinion or not, but they might see the dinner plate more often!

Monday, February 7, 2011

My newest rave!!!!

When our house went mainly gluten free in October, I kept thinking that I would need to re-learn baking. I know how much experimentation goes into each recipe. The first attempt I made at pancakes was a DISASTER!!!! It was not pretty.... Lucky for me, I am also linked into Betty Crocker and found happiness in Gluten Free Bisquick Pancakes.
But what about my pleasure of baking. We love pumpkin bread in this house, I bake the kids cakes for their birthday, I make dessert when we have guests over....
I found this cookbook at the library and baked Pumpkin muffins yesterday. I was a little hesitant on being vegan (eggs add a known ingredient in baking...), but these turned out FABULOUS!!!!

I will definitly be baking more from this book. Thank you!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

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The other week I picked up some skates for Little C and borrowed some skates for Bean. Both kids were excited to try skating! I might remind you that we tried skating last year. On a warm weekend, we headed over to a local park that rented skates and let them go. Within 10 minutes Little C claimed his feet hurt and wanted to play in his boats. Bean on the other hand wanted to keep going, yet required holding and being pushed around. I was later scolded by renting skates saying that I needed to invest in proper skates to be comfortable..... So this year, I was lucky to SCORE at the skate swap at litte C's school and he has a great pair of hardly used skates. This weekend was the MUST DO skate weekend! Yet, with temps just above 0F I wasn't sure how well it would go..... Here is the video

Within 10 minutes, both kids were skating and loving it!!!! They enjoyed it so much that we returned on Sunday for more. Little C had a few bruises to show off....

On Sunday we brought the hockey stick and puck for extra fun. The kids rotated between crawling on the ice and playing hockey. It was a great escape out of the house and I am looking forward to more skating (with the predicted warmer temps).