Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We love to dance....

And boy do we have the moves... Thanks Mr Pete for teaching us.....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An average girl

The 2 month update

While travelling the past couple of weeks, we were amazed to see that Miss O has grown so much. It seemed like overnight she grew, matured and changed. It is amazing to see how fast she has grown out of infancy - I don't remember it going so fast....
She is a very alert and content girl! She loves to look around, smile and coo.
Also last week, she had her 2 month well check. All her measurements were at the 50% - even her headsize!
Weight - 10 lbs 13 oz
Length - 22.5 in
Headsize - 15 in
Shots did not go over well - she fainted in my arms after holding her breath! Then she was not herself for 2 days - always wanting to be held and rocked and loved. Poor girl - this experience is really making me question why we give shots....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

O Canada

Every year we make a trip to Canada to spend a weekend at the cottage with friends. The group has grown from a group of single people to all married couples with 2 or 3 kids. This is a weekend I look forward to all year - time to spend quality time with my family, time to reconnect with my Canadian friends, time to see the beauty of Northern Ontario, and a special chance to see the connection between all our amazing children! I love it....

This year there are 10 kids under the age of 7. They get along fabulously and are very busy creating games and activities all day long. The playground is the creative, the hot tub is a place to play house (Pierson is Grandpa), and the favourite food is puppy chow and chips!
Little C is loving hanging out with his new friends. He is having trouble remembering every one's names, so he simply says "I go play with my friends". Princess Bean tries to keep up, yet maintains her distance and creates her own games.
Mr Pete keeps us busy.... and Little C has taken to following him around so he can partake in all the activities too. He loves to go on the boat and the jet ski. He even went tubing with me - the first kid to go!
Here is Little C and Miss Kim on the jet ski....
All the kids resting in front of a movie while the adults get dinner ready....

And the breakfast table - with so much activity... this is a hungry group to feed!

Us parents are already wondering what will happen in about 10 years from now - will the kids want to come up all by themselves? Will they want to still come? Will there be kissing? I think parental supervision might still be called for - what do you think?

Road Trippin'

Last Friday, we departed Minnesota for the big trek (16 hours) to Canada!

All week Little C was asking if he could see Grandma - the one that flies in the airplane. We kept saying on Friday we were off in the car. He was so excited when Friday finally arrived and we were in the car.

The car ride went as well as can be expected with 3 kids under 4! Princess Bean and Miss O slept fairly well in the car and Little C had the occasional doze. The funnest part for me was making up stories. The best one - we were driving the Little C airplane car which was blue and red. On the airplane car, we could swim run and play in the playground! There was to be no sleeping on the airplane car and we could only eat macaroni and chocolate!

Here is a pic of a quiet moment with all 3 kids sleeping!