Friday, August 8, 2008

What are we up to?

Colin - Talking lots (and we are even starting to understand most of it now). Less "Colin-ese" as we call it. Since on vacation last week, Colin has learned that he loves ice cream and swimming (before it was just water). Last week, after getting out of bed he asked if he could have ice cream for breakfast. He settled for Lucky Charms (another vacation treat not allowed in our home). His new favourite phrase is "Stop it!" I wonder where he gets that from....

Princess Bean - IS WALKING!!!!! I am so proud of her. After holding on to our fingers for the last month and refusing to let go, even though she was barely holding on - she has finally taken off. Within 3 days, she was walking across the room (doing laps) and barely scooting! No more dirty clothes for me! Yeah....

Mommy (or Money, as Colin says) - is back to the grind at work and missing her Canadian vacation. I just finished the book "The Other Boleyn Girl" and loved it! Looking forward to more Tudor era books. Also gearing up for my trip to Paris - depart Aug 28th!!! I guess I better start practicing my French.
Here are a few Canadian Vacation Pics:
Colin and Kim

African Lion Safari - Colin's favourite was the ball maze. I think he would have stayed here all day. But then we found water!

Anna in the Petting area - baby goats! She just wanted to chase them around. Too cute.

Hanging at the cottage - my new antique high chair from Grandma!

Diving into the chips!

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