Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Year in Review

A little late, but here is a recap of our 2008

January - Little C gets a BIG BOY Bed;

February - Princess Bean FINALLY gets her own crib (and moves out of the bassinet)

March - House renovations are complete - Deric and I move upstairs with the kids

April - Princess Bean turns 1! Landscape renovations start - we will have grass soon!

May - Water fun starts again - swimming at Grandma's house and playing with water buckets in the drive way. Anything water, Little C and Bean love it!

June - Little C starts to play hockey with Pappa; Bean loves to scoot around the driveway and pick up sticks. Both spend the majority of the day OUTSIDE!!!!

July - We learn that road tripping to Ontario is FUN - and will be an annual event. We visit the Dells and Little C takes on every water slide in the park! Pure addiction....

August - Princess Bean starts to walk! Little C discovers his love for swimming in the lake.

September - Little C turns 3! Princess Bean learns to love cake (and smearing it all over her face). Little C is fascinated with blowing out candles.

October - Pumpkin patches and leaves galore! Princess Bean was the lead in diving into the leaves pile, Little C followed closely and discovered the fun!

November - we find out that baby #3 is on the way; Thanksgiving in Florida - swimming everyday, playing mini golf, and riding bikes.

December - Our first Christmas with celebrations! Last year we did not have presents or a tree due to renovations - so this year was a real treat.

What a year! Looking forward to a great 2009

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