Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How quickly things can change

I was reminded how quickly things can change a few times this week - just when you think everything is going fine.... a bomb seems to land out of nowhere.

So what happened you might ask?

On Monday, I had a regular scheduled appointment with my doctor - 23 weeks. I go in, everything is fine - little weight gain, measuring large - what else is new.... So I leave and since it was only 4 pm I decided to run home and pick up Little C and run to the post office. It turns out the post office was closed, so then I figured since the grocery store was right there, we would walk over and grab some lettuce for dinner. Pretty normal so far, right.

That is when it starts to get interesting. Crossing the street - in the cross walk I might add - a car rips out of the parking lot and is heading straight for us. Little C and I start to run but we still were not going to be clear. So we lunged forward! Little C was fine - he made it to the other side of the street just fine. Me however with a few extra pounds, ended up falling on my stomach and scrapping my knees!! I never knew falling could hurt so bad.

So one person making a simple mistake ended up with me going from nothing to worry about 20 minutes earlier to being sent to the hospital to be monitored. How quickly things can change!

Everything is fine! Baby looked great and blood work came out normal. I am a little sore still from the fall but am doing fine too.

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