Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A First Kiss

Little C loves swimming lessons!!!! His teacher is great, and so is his swimming partner - Abby.

Little C talks about Abby all the time - where is Abby? What is Abby doing? Can I swim with Abby? At least once a day we have an Abby conversation - it is so cute to see him have a close friend.

Little C and Abby have a routine - the greet each other shyly before class begins, talk a little during class, take a shower together afterwards throwing water at each other, share stamps to celebrate their class and then play outside on the retaining walls.

Last week when it was time to go, I told Little C that it was time to say goodbye to Abby. Abby made a funny face and Little C took the chase to give her a KISS ON THE LIPS!!!!!

Abby was shocked! She ran away.

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