Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When I get big....

Little C LOVES trains - always has!

This past weekend, we decided to try the trolley rides - what fun. What I didn't know was that they give you a little history on the trolley and show you how they work. Well, this was just the thing for Little C. Midway through the ride, he had to get a seat closer to the conductor and started to ask questions. He was in dream land.....

Princess Bean and Baby Doll loved it too - yet for very different reasons. Princess Bean loved to visit with Grandma K and Baby Doll visited everyone on the train!

On the way home, here was the conversation...
Grandma K - Was the trolley ride special? Did you like learning about it?
Little C - yeah, it was great.
Little C (after thinking a little) - when I look like mommy and daddy, I want to be a driver person too.
Grandma K - you want to drive everyone around?
Little C - yes, that's a great idea for me.

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