Friday, December 18, 2009

A few firsts.....

Last week was our FIRST trip to the emergency room - Little C woke up unable to breathe and was diagnosed with Croup. He has fully recovered

Also last week was the FIRST time I fell asleep with Little C - In the past, I would cuddle with him for a little bit, but never stayed long enough for him or I too fall asleep. Since he was sick, I stayed a little longer and then happened to wake up a few hours later....

Over the weekend, we had our FIRST successful photo shoot where all kids cooperated and smiled for the camera! We have some great photos!

Angel Baby ate her FIRST full jar of baby food. She has been eating some pears and apples, but really had not been that interested. Last night at dinner, she could not get enough of her sweet potatoes.

Princess Bean has her FIRST favourite outfit. For Christmas (a little early), she got a beautiful red dress. She adores it! She would wear it everyday, if she could. For the past few days, when I get home from work, she looks at me and says "I want my pretty dress" "Mommy, come, my pretty dress, upstairs".

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