Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What I love

I think all 3 of my kids are at great ages.

Little C - I love the way he negotiates. If you say he has 2 more minutes, he replies "how about 5 more minutes'. If you ask him to have 5 more bites, he will say how about 2 more bites. Other times, he is not such a good negotiator - Little C, you can have 5 more minutes of play and he replies, Mom I want 2 more minutes.... Too funny

Bean - she LOVES to dress up and play drama. Last weekend, she HAD to have her shoes that click clack on the floor. She needed to wear a dress and have her hair "pretty". All day she twirled in her dress, and made extra noises with her shoes.

Angel Baby - I love the smile on her face when you enter the room and when you pick her up she gives her special hug - usually a big smile, a little giggle and her face snuggling into my neck. All I want to do is gobble her up with more hugs. This makes my day!

I love you my babies....

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