Monday, October 11, 2010


Little C

Five years ago my water broke and I raced to the hospital
Five years ago you entered my world
Five years ago you made me a mom
Five years ago you taught me what LOVE really means

You are a VERY energetic little boy that lives life to the fullest. Your teachers love you for your enthusiasm and I love you for the joy you bring to every situation. You are not afraid to try something new, and rather look for new and exciting things to do each day. Each day is an adventure with you.

This fall you started Pre-K at the big school. You love it. When I picked you up on your first day you ran over to me, jumped into my arms, gave me a big hug and said "I need to play more here mommy". You have learned so much in the few weeks you have been there. For your open house the other day, you (with some help) wrote on your letter that you wanted to show me the (1) Big Blocks - we built a house big enough for your sister and a few friends to climb in (2) Music - xylophone and the keyboard are your favourite and (2) lego. It was great to see you so comfortable in this new environment!

As always, you love all things sport related. In June, you mastered riding your bike without your training wheels. Everywhere we went, you took your bike - to school, to the store, to friends, to the park. I don't think you have walked anywhere this summer! You also played soccer in the Y program. You loved it and played fiercely!

Golf is another favourite and you probably played more than your dad this summer. You spent a week at Grandma and Grandpa's this spring while I worked in Toronto and played every day. Your gift to your daddy for Father's Day was to play golf (and get new golf balls, too).

This year was also a year of friendship. You have your first friends - Abby and Andrew. Everyday you would talk about your friends and often had play dates with them. You and Andrew are still the best of buds as you both play hard and love all toys that move!

Princess Bean is still your friend of choice. You do everything together and for the most part play very well together making up games (with rules) and running around. You both will make up stories about where you are going (usually the office) and how you are going to get there and how you will get home. You are also willing to share your friends with Bean - you include her in everything!

You have less interaction with Baby Doll. You sing to her when she is upset, and talk to her about what she is "supposed" to be doing, yet get very upset with her when she tries to get your glasses or doesn't listen to you.... You and Baby Doll have VERY similar personalities so it will be interesting to see how you grow together.

As always, I cherish everyday with you! I am so lucky to be your mom and look forward to all the fun we will have in the years to come!

Happy 5th Birthday Little C!!!!

Love Mommy.

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