Monday, January 24, 2011


The other week I picked up some skates for Little C and borrowed some skates for Bean. Both kids were excited to try skating! I might remind you that we tried skating last year. On a warm weekend, we headed over to a local park that rented skates and let them go. Within 10 minutes Little C claimed his feet hurt and wanted to play in his boats. Bean on the other hand wanted to keep going, yet required holding and being pushed around. I was later scolded by renting skates saying that I needed to invest in proper skates to be comfortable..... So this year, I was lucky to SCORE at the skate swap at litte C's school and he has a great pair of hardly used skates. This weekend was the MUST DO skate weekend! Yet, with temps just above 0F I wasn't sure how well it would go..... Here is the video

Within 10 minutes, both kids were skating and loving it!!!! They enjoyed it so much that we returned on Sunday for more. Little C had a few bruises to show off....

On Sunday we brought the hockey stick and puck for extra fun. The kids rotated between crawling on the ice and playing hockey. It was a great escape out of the house and I am looking forward to more skating (with the predicted warmer temps).

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