Thursday, December 9, 2010

18 months!!!

Baby Doll

It is amazing that you are already 18 months old. And what a cutie pie you are - we are so blessed to have you fully functioning and full of life once again.

In September right at the 15 month mark, you started to throw up at a random basis. You would throw up one day and then not again for a week. Yet, you kept throwing up, and I just thought that you overate. The second trigger was that you were not very happy. As the month continued, you chose only to be carried and cuddled by mom or dad. The third trigger was that you started to lose weight. Your arms were getting skinny and you lost the cubbiness in your face. We knew something was not right!

Finally, we took you into the doctors office for testing and evaluation. By this time you were eating lots, and then throwing up! Plus this was on a daily basis..... The doctors were quick to diagnosis that you are celiac - so no more gluten for you!

This has been an easy change for us as a family given the dramatic affect this has had on you. WIthin 3 days of no gluten you were laughing more than we had seen in a few months and so happy! Your personality continued to grow and we were continually giggling with you! It is amazing the difference!!!!

You are now 18 months - a walking and talking girl. You love your brother and sister and try to give them hugs and kisses. They usually refuse, but you keep trying! Mom and Dad love it though... You also continually try to be a big girl, just like the older siblings. You try to play Wii, play computer, run after the big kids, and everything else they do! It is fun to watch you mimic them and learn from them (we just wish you would avoid picking up their bad habits....).

Love you baby doll!

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