Monday, September 15, 2008

I just wonder why....

I think my kids have a pack - "Let's not let mom and dad sleep in EVER"!

Last week, Monday and Tuesday - Bean was up at 6:15 am, Little C slept until 7 am
Remainder of week (and weekend) - Little C was up by 6:30 and Bean slept until after 7 am

So, when you want it most (over the weekend), we were still up early.

This morning - alarm goes off at 6:15 - both kids asleep! Both slept in until almost 7 am.

And the trend will continue.... and I just wonder why!

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Audrey said...

OMG! I so know what you mean! Today Ben slept till 8AM! I was shocked... he's one of those 6am early risers on weekends! Glad I'm not alone! :)
- AUdrey