Friday, March 7, 2008


On Tuesday, Colin and Anna spent the day at Bright Horizons (back up daycare). Through the craziness trying to get out of the house early, we did not have time to eat breakfast.

We arrive and Colin declares "Me hungry". I whip out the leftover pancakes (from Sunday morning) and warm them while Colin sits down at the table. As the pancakes are coming out - he exclaims "Anna pancake - she sit down here", pointing to the chair next to him. I smile that he is so thoughtful of his sister.

Fast forward, Colin and Anna are sitting at the table eating pancakes. Then Anna decides that Colin's pancakes look better than her small pieces - she reaches over, careful to do so when Colin is not looking. Once she succeeds, she starts to laugh.

It takes a bit, but then Colin realizes what she is laughing about - and he starts to laugh to! Then to my surprise instead of pulling his plate away, he pushes it towards her so they can share. They both grab a piece of pancake, take a bite and laugh!

Lesson learned - Pancakes are great bonding food!

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