Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A little about us...

People have been asking what we have been up to, so following the format I have seen from some other bloggers that I scan, here is an update.

What is Anna up to? Anna is scooting around like a storm and gets into more stuff than Colin ever did. She is tentative to pull herself up - she reaches out, but then draws away. Once she does pull herself up, she doesn't like to hold on! This is another way that Colin and Anna are so different - Colin had a tight grasp on everything and would not let go until his other hand was firmly attached to something else.

Words in our house? Deric and I are convinced that Anna can say "hi" and "uh oh". She is so smart.... Colin on the other hand is expanding his language every day! He is slowly putting his sentences together. Yesterday I asked him what he wanted to watch on TV and he replied "I waaannt.... Shrek" When asked if he is hungry, he will say "Yes, I want Pancakes and Milk".

Favourite Activities? Colin is loving being outside now that it is getting warmer. He is definitely a warm weather child. He still refuses to step in the snow. Anna on the other hand still loves to follow her brother everywhere. A favourite game is for me to hold Anna and chase Colin around the house. Thank goodness our house has more running room. Anna also loves it when her brother plays peek a boo with her and tickles her toes.

Favourite Foods? Last week Anna devoured Meatloaf and corned beef. She loved them both. She will also eat her veggies if she can pick them up - she refuses any pureed vegetables. Over the weekend, Anna was eating raw summer squash and loving it! Colin is a little more picky, but loves stews, chili and most meats (his favourite is pork and corned beef). Vegetables for Colin are only served pureed style - he loves baby food!!!!

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