Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Away from Home

This week I am in San Francisco all week. This isn't all bad in itself since I love the city and the climate is much easier to handle.

Here are a few random thoughts that have gone through my head since yesterday.
  • I sometimes find myself wondering why don't I live here, where I could walk outside everyday without having to bundle up. Then I speak to the moms that are local and hear that they have over a 1 hour commute (one way).
  • Every one's definition of cold is different - yesterday someone told me to stay inside since it was COLD outside. Yet it is 55 degrees warmer here than in Minneapolis.
  • Why did I chose to leave my family for a whole week! At the time, 3 days of training plus a weekend getaway with my husband sounded like a good idea. I miss the chaos of home!
  • All I want to do is hum (yum) my way through breakfast, lunch and dinner. Colin, Anna and I start our meals off by taking a bit and saying hmmmm or yummmm. Then it folds into each of us saying it and mimicking the others. Deric usually sits across the room laughing at us - it is so random, yet orchestrated.

Don't they say we will all grow from our experiences?????

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